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Engage Learners by Integrating Funny Quizzes to Courses
By: Sunny
Making good eLearning courses is a developing art. As a trainer, your goal is to make the training memorable. As you design the course, you must design not only the content, but also the the delivery mechanisms. Integrating funny quizzes (like _quot;Who Wants to Be a Millionaire_quot;) into eLearning course is an easy way to capture the attention of learners and make your course memorable. Learners will interact with key concepts for your course quickly.

Funny quizzes can energize almost any content and produce powerful new understanding for your learners. Funny quizzes promote learning more than revive tension, they create opportunities for the learners to _quot;interact_quot; with the quiz so as to demonstrate learners' understanding of the course. Many benefits would funny quizzes hold to course:
- Funny quizzes entertain learners with a purpose
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- Funny quizzes give learner valuable feedback
- Funny quizzes give trainer feedback
- Funny quizzes motivate learners
- Funny quizzes accelerate learning process

So then, there comes into the question: how to integrate the right funny quizzes into your course? Let's take a look at these following steps.

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Step 1 - Identify your course objective.
What objective you want your lesson to achieve after training, please take careful consideration. Specifically, what skills and knowledge do you want your learners take from your lesson. Then think about it how the funny quiz will help the learners meet the course objective.

Step 2 - Make the course plan
After determining the objective, what you should do is making the course plan according to the course objective. Analyze and list the task you wish to cover in your lesson plan. Supposing you are going to explain the details about swine flu in one lesson, your list would look something like this:
Lesson objective for swine flu knowledge: learners will be able to master the details about H1N1 flu.
- List what is H1N1 flu
- List the Signs and symptoms about H1N1 flu
- Describe how to prevent H1N1 flu

From this list you will develop a set of task that to achieve your course objective. The next step is crux to import funny quiz to your course and enhance your course.

Step 3 - Choose the funny quiz for your lesson plan
The right funny quiz makes a difference in motivate learners. Here are some criteria to select a right funny quiz:
- Corresponding with the major lesson objective
- Create an opportunity to practice skills
- Challenge the learners intellectually

So, follow the criteria to select the right funny quiz. This will do as a Catalyst to help learners master the major point of your course.

Step 4 - Create funny quiz for your course
After choosing the right funny quiz, the following step is creating the funny quiz with the questions you have prepared. Which quiz tool you should choose? Quiz in Flash format instead of plain text quiz would really attract learners' attention, especially for eLearning course. Luckily, some quiz tool could help you create great-looking flash quizzes in minutes without programming skills, such as Wondershare QuizCreator(

Step 5 - Place the funny quiz in your course
Where the funny quiz should be in your course is also important. Generally, placing a funny quiz at the beginning of your course is a good way to take learners into your course. This starter quiz can establish a comfortable environment for learner. Learners will quickly access to the role of the course. On the other hand, you could integrate some outstanding questions into the funny quiz, these questions will cause learners to seek the solution in the course consciously.

The end of the course is also a prime time to place the funny quiz. You can add some questions corresponding to the starter funny quiz. This will help you test whether the learners acquire the knowledge or not. If they acquire it, you could advance to the next lesson, and learners will have the feeling of success and be interesting about the next lesson. If don't, you could direct learners to review the course.

Design eLearning course and apply funny quizzes to your eLearning courses.They'll make your courses better and help you be more productive.
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