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Posted by: Johnny
It is hard to land a temporary job in Canada when a new immigrant moves to Canada. You know getting in as a temporary worker needs skills, experience, a great deal of perseverance and, yes, luck. But there is exception that certain Canada jobs are exempt from work permit requirements.
Category: Careers _ Work
Posted by: Johan
Times are tough and companies are downsizing. Read this article to learn tips on How to keep your job during the recession
Posted by: Jayw3
2008’s hottest new employment opportunity is debt collection _ is it really true that every time a creditor goes insolvent, an angel cries?
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Posted by: Klein
Since first impressions tend to be what people remember most, it is important to make them favorable. The way a person dresses is a reflection of their personal taste and character. It may be the one thing talked about in a casual encounter or the initial remarks during an interview. Therefore, a person should take care in their appearance.
Category: Careers _ Work
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