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Posted by: Jayw3
Being a smart diner who regularly enjoys top-notch dining experiences is not applicable only to those who frequent high-end gourmet establishments, or to those who can afford it. Restaurants, like most businesses, operate on certain business principles and are susceptible to human psychology. In the series of articles, I'll teach you how to dine well. The first trick? Getting a table.
Category: Food _ Drink / Dining Out
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Posted by: Jayw3
What is Miracle Fruit, or the Miracle Berry? What is the Miracle Fruit Import Process? Imagine a fruit that, for a period of time after eating, transforms any food afterwards from bitter or sour to sweet. Even lemons! It’s called the Miracle Fruit, or Synsepalum dulcificum, and this Miracle Berry is now available in Synsepalum seeds, the Synsepalum plant, and fruit forms.
Posted by: Jayw3
Preparing a wonderful meal for two that doesn’t leave you with wasteful extras lying around can seem to be a challenging and demanding task.
Category: Food _ Drink / Cooking
Posted by: Jayw3
Spend all the money you want to on a grinder or a brushed steel coffee machine with a fancy German name, but if the beans aren’t up to snuff, your coffee will suffer.
Posted by: Johan
For over 40 years the Omega juicer has been made with the same standard of quality and style. While providing high quality juices it is also designed to have a very traditional look. The Omega Juicers are manufactured with a combination of the highest quality surgical steel on the inside and a classic white exterior that has the look of a tough plastic outside. They have made the Omega juicers in this way for over 40 years and they will continue to design it that way because that is their trademark look.
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