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Posted by: Jayw3
There are four basic categories of golf bags: travel bags, cart bags, standing bags, and staff or touring bags. The cheapest golf bag and the best golf bag are not always the same golf bags, nor are the expensive golf bags the best. What do you want out of your new golf bag, and what's the best golf bag for you?
Category: Sports _ Fitness / Sports / Golf
Posted by: Jayw3
Junior Agassis abound, but you can’t just pick up any tennis racket and start swinging your way to a top-ranked position. Here's how to go about picking a tennis racket, and what to keep on your mind when you're shopping for a tennis racket.
Category: Sports _ Fitness / Sports
Posted by: Jayw3
I’ve been sucking back these brightly coloured, slightly obnoxious sports drinks and dousing my team-mates with them for years to celebrate our end-of-the-year triumphs, but what exactly do they do?
Category: Sports _ Fitness / Sports
Posted by: Johan
Many people are opposed to running on treadmills for one reason or another but if they knew the benefits they would quickly change their tune.
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