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Posted by: Johnny
Conseils pour choisir une montre.
Posted by: Johan
Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world, it is stronger than steel and yet very lightweight. It is also known for its lustrous natural grey color and 100% hypoallergenic traits which make it safe for everyone because it will not react with your skin.
Posted by: Johan
An engagement ring is probably the second-most important purchase you’ll ever make (your house being the most important), so you need to choose wisely.
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Posted by: Johan
Pocket watches make great gifts! My wedding was coming up in 30 days and I was not sure what do buy for groomsmen gifts. After looking at everything from beer mugs to money clips I was still not sure what to buy. My mother came up with the suggestion of purchasing pocket watches as groomsmen gifts but my first reaction was: "Are you kidding Mom? Pocket watches are old fashioned. When I think of pocket watches I think of giving a gift like that to my grandfather or father, but not groomsmen gifts for an upcoming wedding.
Posted by: Johan
The alluring amber has always attracted jewelry lovers as well as jewelry makers for its potential for creating artistic jewelry. In vintage collections as well as in modern designs you will come across creative use of this bright luminescent stone. Starting from necklace and earrings or finger rings to pendants and bracelets, amber can add a touch of class to all types of jewelry.
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